Confused? It’s a common word in this confused world, confused to take silly decisions and sometimes confused to decide important decision too. Confused is a state of mind, which occurs when more than one choice is served and asked to choose one among them. There may be hairline difference or may be huge difference.

                In my life confusion still prevails, it is since I have passed out my matriculation, lots of confusion .What ‘NEXT’ this is the question which haunts each human brain. It’s a life of confusion is what I can say.

According to Albert Einstein,

“Perfection of means and confusion of ends seem to characterize our age.”

Trust yours inner voice and go on. Life is all about confusion and coming confusion is another part. Choose the one you believe the most right way to go. Write down the pros & cons, this is one of the right way to decide the best track. For example if you are confused to go with job or start up a business, write down the pros and cons which describes the past, present and future in each. Ask yourself these three questions,

  1. What you were?
  2. What you are?  
  3. What are you going to be?

You have to do analysis on each answer, if you are a job holder and thinking to switch into business which is all new to you. You analyze what you achieved since you have joined a job and what are you going to achieve in future through job and through your business. This will describe your growth rate and also easy your process of decision making.